Wedding in Languedoc

Orange Traditional Castle in the Languedoc

A wedding in the Languedoc vineyards close to the seaside

A region of “bons vivants” who like living the good life, a pronounced taste for hospitality and celebration, a rich terroir, tasty local products … And why not a wedding in a vineyard close to the nearby Mediterranean? Getting married in the Languedoc means discovering a land of epicureans where you take the time to live and gather up with your close ones around the essentials: a large table, well stocked, wines with character to share, a parenthesis in the countryside.


Going green between Montpellier and Béziers


Even being an immediate neighbour of Provence, the Languedoc has a very different character. If a wedding in a vineyard is part of your desires, you will opt for the surroundings of Montpellier or Béziers, where the heart of the Hérault department beats. The countryside is sincerely welcoming, engaging and rustic. Large farmhouses, mas et chateaux are dotted in soft and warm landscapes. Mediterranean influences are indeed present with quality seafood. The Etang de Thau is also well known for its oysters! You can organize a wedding in a vineyard while tasting the joys of the Big Blue. Because in Languedoc, sea and countryside are right at your fingertips.


A wedding in a vineyard for beautiful tables of epicureans


Land of rugby, good wines and epicureans, Languedoc has been able to seduce Anglo-Saxon visitors for a long time, many of whom end up unpacking their bags here!
Getting married in the Languedoc vineyards is to appreciate receptions in rustic and warm areas where we can set up beautiful festive tables. And where seafood and market local products can harmoniously complement each other.

A location to remember for a reception with rustic and authentic touches


For you, a wedding in the Languedoc vineyards rhymes with great reunions around a table! The Languedoc is full of charming old farms but also offers you the opportunity to indulge castle life, (la vie de chateau in French), for a few days. The Languedoc chateaux offer a lot of different styles and eras, which allows you to imagine all the stages of your wedding. And create a day for sharing, friendship and relaxation. A wedding in a vineyard or in a castle in Languedoc suits you if you cultivate the taste of good food in a simple and warm atmosphere.