wedding in Monaco

A wedding in Monaco: luxurious !

Do you dream of shining brightly during a luxury event? A wedding in Monaco is probably the option to remember! With a multitude of palaces, Monte Carlo does not lack of options to organize a high end reception. The chic and vibrant atmosphere of the rocher will also seduce your guests: they will be spoiled for choice among a multitude of outings, all within a short distance.


Monaco, a prestigious destination in the Mediterranean

Nestled between the southeast of France and Italy, this state shines like a jewel. A wedding in Monaco, is to imagine oneself surrounded by Mediterranean influences, mixed with the prestige of the luxury establishments. You will discover ports studded with oversized yachts, upscale boutiques, casinos, major theatres and multitude of restaurants and nightclubs…
The Principality of Monaco – and Monte Carlo in particular – is resolutely a very luxurious and lively wedding destination. Within a limited perimeter, you will find many options for entertainment around your event.


A wedding in Monaco: a solid value for high-end services


Monte Carlo offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere of a prestigious Monegasque district. You will be caught in the whirlwind of absolute luxury! Organizing a wedding in Monaco allows you to choose exceptional services and benefit from unique and personalized services. Land at the airport and get to Monaco by helicopter, a private driver, or berth your boat directly at the port : nothing is impossible to fully enjoy your stay! Monaco is the location to fully indulge your stay.

A chic and lively atmosphere for a memorable stay


A wedding in Monaco is inevitably for you if you like luxury and like to live it up. Organizing your reception in a prestigious privatized establishment with an exceptional restaurant with renowned chefs, will give you plenty of time to imagine your event step by step. You will use all the spaces at your disposal: the terrace, the restaurant, the gardens, the swimming pool deck… And why not a splendid sea view from the matrimonial suite?
And if it matters to you that your guests taste a chic, festive and lively atmosphere: Monte Carlo is for you.

Couple in front of the sea during ceremony