Wedding at Château de Robernier, memories

Wedding at Château de Robernier, memories

Chateau de Robernier

A Fairytale wedding at Robernier castle, memories of Kathryn & Brendan

Kathryn & Brendan, an American couple from Denver, entrusted Laetitia D with the organization of their wedding at the Château de Robernier. The dream of a wedding in the south of France became a reality in summer 2018. Choice of the venue in the Var, preparations, love of France, enthusiasm of the guests, accommodation at the chateau : Kathryn remembers this memorable time !

Why did you choose to get married in France, and in the south of France precisely?

My husband and I wanted the wedding to be an experience for everyone rather than just a party. We wanted to keep it extremely intimate and we knew we could do so much in the area! We also both love the south of France and wanted something where everyone could enjoy the beach and the fabulous culture during the summer.

Chateau de Robernier Getting Ready

What do you appreciate the most in France ?

First, the beauty of the entire area, the South of France. From the beaches to the vineyards, it’s just one of my favorite places. This is probably the most common, but obviously the food and wine are the absolute best.

Why did you pick the Chateau de Robernier ?

When Laetitia sent over the properties that aligned with what I was looking for, Chateau de Robernier took my breath away. It was big enough for most of our guests to stay there and there were so many different areas we could utilize for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing and of course for the pool party we had for the following day.

What was your first thought when you first saw the castle just a few days before your wedding ?

When we pulled up to the castle, I was completely blown away. It looked like a dream. I was definitely nervous pulling up to a venue I had never seen before with 75 of my closest friends and family, but it was even more spectacular than the pictures showed.

Main Hall Chateau luxury Wedding

To you, why was it so important to have a wedding planner to support the organization of your wedding in France ?

I wouldn’t have even known where to begin without having a wedding planner. Laetitia was so wonderful, and she really grasped what I wanted everything to be like, without much help from me. With her guidance I was able to have the best team around me, without ever having to travel there before the big event. There are so many details when planning a wedding, and Laetitia really made it all come together beautifully. Most importantly, she was my biggest support on the big day, overseeing everything. I didn’t have to worry about my hair and makeup, the tables, the flowers, the food, the band, the DJ, my guests, anything….

What did you enjoy the most on your wedding day ?

This was truly one of the most special days of my life. I loved getting ready with my dearest friends and my mom, sister and grandmother. I loved the cocktail hour with the band playing acoustic guitar while we enjoyed delicious appetizers and a sushi bar. I loved the beautiful tables and heartfelt speeches. I loved the desert table with sparklers and a champagne tower. I loved dancing the night away with my now husband. It was even better that we woke up and got to keep celebrating with a pool party and a food truck that was spectacular! I wish I could live this weekend over again and again.

Elegant Ceremony in the courtyard

What did your guests think about a wedding in France ? Was it a first time in France for most of them ? Did they enjoy and why ?

Everyone absolutely loved it, and so many still bring it up to me reminiscing. I think about half had been to France before our wedding, so it was amazing to have so many of our family and friends travel to this amazing place. After the wedding about 20 of our friends went on and travelled throughout Nice with us, and it is an experience I will never forget.

What would you advise to someone from the US or abroad who wants to set his wedding in south of France ?

Call Laetitia immediately 🙂


Diner in the courtyard with festoon lighting

Tailor-made support from Laetitia D during the stay

In addition to the preparations for Kathryn and Brendan’s wedding and her presence on the Day, Laetitia D wedding planner in Cannes, was also responsible for planning services and experiences for the couple’s guests.

  • Detailed information on events and possible excursions near the Chateau Suggestion of possible accommodation for the guests close by
  • Scheduling and booking of transport
  • Organizing a welcome dinner in Cotignac
  • Suggesting a few vineyards for visit and tasting
  • Booking a go-kart outing on the morning of the wedding for the groom and his mates