What season to get married in the south of France?

What season to get married in the south of France?

Getting married in the south of France: which season should you choose?

The sun, the sea, the cicadas, sipping a glass of rosé or champagne on the terrace … Getting married in the south of France is a must that many couples dream of.
Here’s what you need to know to avoid disappointment and choose the right season.

A wedding on the French Riviera, the least risky option

Mother nature is unpredictable. Whatever the season chosen for a wedding in the south of France, you will never be 100% certain that your weather will be good. However, the French Riviera enjoys an incomparable softness. Spared by the Mistral which blows essentially (and sometimes violently!) In the Rhône valley, the cities of Nice, Antibes, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Beaulieu sur Mer or Cannes are very interesting wedding destinations. Especially if you plan to get married in spring, fall, and even winter. These cities remain very dynamic in all seasons: perfect for planning any entertainment for your guests. They can even enjoy the beach and sea excursions, from spring to fall!

If the French Riviera allows to consider getting married in the south of France including in winter, it is not the same in Provence or in Languedoc. Few venues offer heating, which allows you to be comfortable outside of summer season. A detail that matters …

An outdoor wedding dinner: yes but …

Getting married in the south of France is often comes with unfounded beliefs. Do you love the Var hinterland, the Luberon or the Alpilles? As of August, the evenings can be cool and thunderstorms (and the hail that goes with them) are sometimes invited to the party. In Provence, the famous Mistral can be there at any time, but especially in Spring, May and June. Consider these elements when planning your dinner outdoors. The freshness of the evenings can create discomfort for your guests, as can mosquitoes and other insects that may also be there! If you are planning an off-season wedding, opt for an indoor dinner instead. The temperature will suit everyone, and you will facilitate the flow of the day by limiting the transfer of your guests within the venue.

As for your dance party, French law requires, it is inside that it will happen in order to avoid noise pollution. A situation that must be accommodated but which ultimately has advantages: this creates an intimate and warm atmosphere, you will benefit from air conditioning, flee mosquitoes and avoid your guests the discomfort of dancing in heels in a lawn or on gravel …

Impossible to get married in the south of France without a plan B

As we have seen : as attractive as they may be, Provence and the French Riviera are not immune to any climatic hazards. But planning to get married in the south of France is obviously very much hoping for a union under the sun. You must however think of a plan B from the first reflections around the organization of your event.
Plan B which offers you a fallback solution in case of wind or rain – which would prevent setting up tables outside and a diner in good conditions.

Ideally, your plan B, should be able to accommodate all stages of your wedding, and be sized to accommodate your maximum number of guests. Opt for a plan B in line with your decor and your comfort requirements. You must be happy with that option, to avoid disappointment, in case the forecast is threatening. This point will therefore necessarily condition the choice of your event location. Do not take any risks by choosing a site without a plan B. Too much stress in perspective… A wedding planner will be able to advise you wisely to make the right choice.

But don’t worry, many venues in the south of France have suitable back-up options. And if you choose Monaco, most venues, being hotels, are perfectly suited.

How to deal with the heat of the south of France?

Couples choosing to get married in the south of France, do expect sunny weather, but sometimes ignore how much temperatures can climb… It is not uncommon on the Côte d’Azur, in Provence, Languedoc or Monaco, to see the thermometer reach 35 to 40 ° Celsius during July and August but lately also from June! It is important to consider this in summer as during these months, organising a ceremony in the sun can be truly dangerous. Couples and guests will find themselves extremely uncomfortable. Think of the men in suits as well as the elderly. Therefore, in July and August: no ceremony should happen before late afternoon without shade. And why not provide hats , sunglasses or sunshades to your guests? For the cocktail party, it should also be in the shade! The key: a fresher temperature for both yourselves and your guests and also for the food served!
Choosing a suitable wedding day timeline in the south of France cannot be improvised. A wedding planner based locally will have the adequate experience to advise you.

But do not worry, many wedding sites in the south of France have ah hoc equipment. And if you choose Monaco, most places are perfectly suited hotels.

The Provençal postcard is seasonal

Who has not dreamt of posing in front of a field of lavender in full bloom? This shot maybe a little harder to take than imagined. Flowering of Lavender is very seasonal and only happens over a short period, generally from mid-June to mid-July. Good to know. However, outside of this summer window, you can also opt for a lavender-inspired decoration. The same seasonality applies for the fields of sunflowers: you can to see them in Provence mainly between August and September.
As for the nautical activities of your guests, do not plan anything before June! On the other hand, wine and olive growing estates are generally visited all year round. Perfect for tastings with friends.

But promised, despite these things to keep in mind for the organization of your event, getting married in the south of France remains a fantastic project in a memorable destination!